IMG_2728         Docere is Latin for “learning” and our school has a strong emphasis on both academic excellence combined with the arts.  We believe the arts gives students an opportunity to grow in other talents and giftings they have, thereby, increasing their learning capabilities.  Students will have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of differing arts aspects including, but not limited to: dance, music, song, theatre arts, culinary arts, art, etc.  Furthermore, we also will be going on many educational field trips throughout the year in order to introduce our students to the beauty of our state and all it has to offer.

        Academics hold tremendous importance and our goal is to not only educate your child, but also to prepare them for high school and beyond.  We will be using a charter school for our curriculum needs as well as utilizing their licensed teachers and educational specialists.  Students will be tutored in all subjects and by keeping our school size fairly small, more one on one attention will be attained.  Our curriculum will be filtered through a Biblical worldview and a spiritual emphasis in the school is one of our core values.